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Hi there! This website, getyourshitsorted.com.au, is owned and operated by Gecko Services ABN 59099950008. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact:

Doone Clifton


Office Address: 1/42 Villiers Street, North Melbourne, Vic 3051

Postal Address: P.O. Box 153, North Melbourne, Vic 3051

This document contains the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read it, as it sets out your important rights and obligations and we care about making sure we all know where we stand. When you visit this website, use our services or purchase our products, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from us.

All products and services advertised on this website are offered in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.


On this website you will find information, tips and discussion of various issues. This information is provided solely to help you get your life sorted.

Our Rights and Responsibilities

We take lots of care to provide valuable information but we cannot be responsible for the use that you make of that information.

Please be aware that the generalised information we provide is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. For example, any information about writing your will is general and for specific advice you need to talk to your own lawyer.

Any testimonials and promised results I may display on this website are based on my experience and those of my previous clients. They are not guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results.

We may modify this information provided on this website at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice.

Sorting yourself out can be an emotional journey. Please practice self-care and if necessary, consult a professional if you are experiencing distress.

Visitor Responsibilities

Think of me as your bossy big sister, telling what you need to do but not necessarily an expert in any of these fields. Exercise common sense in making use of information I provide and consult with experts when necessary.


While we take the greatest care to ensure that downloads are safe, we are not responsible for viruses or any other damage which might occur as a result of downloading material from our site.

External Links

Any links to external websites will be checked at the time of publishing but we are not responsible for viruses or any other damage which might occur as a result of clicking links on our site. We also do not guarantee that linked sites will remain active.

Third Party Advertisements

We are not responsible for the content of any advertisements that are displayed on our website and we have no part in or responsibility for any transaction between you and any third-party who advertises products or services on our site. Please make sure you visit the advertiser’s site and familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions before proceeding with any purchase from them.

Specific Courses or Products

“Get your shit sorted” is a program offering general advice, tips, guidance and support. It is not tailored to individual needs. Please take care of your emotional wellbeing and get specific advice from appropriate experts before making legal, financial or other major changes.

Intellectual Property: Copyright

While we are happy for you to share your experiences with other people, including tips and links provided by us, using our course or the material we provide as a basis for any commercial operation of your own is not okay. Please respect the time and skill we have put into creating this material for you and our moral right to be acknowledged as its author.

Payment Terms

Forms of Payment

We accept payment via Paypal (including credit cards) or by bank deposit.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are offered for programs with a value over $500. To allow for the extra fiddling about, an extra $10 per payment is applied.

Security Policy

Because we only accept payments through Paypal or direct deposit, we never have access to your financial details. Please familiarise yourself with the security policy of Paypal or your financial institution’s online banking service if you have any concerns.


Any group calls will be recorded and available for all members of the group so you can catch up if you are unable to be there live. If the problem is at our end we will take all reasonable steps to reschedule the call.

Returns Policy

Change of Mind

We offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee to clients who change their mind within 3 months of purchase.

Minor Problem

If there is a minor problem due to events like broken links or problematic downloads please let us know and we will use our best efforts to fix the problem.

Major Problem

If there is a major issue and you are not able to participate in the course, we will refund you 100% of the program price.

Specific Terms of Sale

Sometimes the reason your shit isn’t sorted is because there are big, bad wolves in that forest. If you suspect this might be the case for you, please ensure you have adequate support before starting this process.

Visitor Information

Respectful Communication

Just as I am your bossy big sister, this site is Grandma’s house! Lots of love and acceptance and mind your manners.

Responsible Engagement

When you engage with us through any of our programs, in a Facebook group, membership site or any other form of interaction that we now offer or may in future devise, you agree that you will take responsibility for your own shit, not attempt to shift your shit onto others and if too much shit’s getting you down, you will seek professional help and advice.

Third Party Content

Please remember other people’s contributions represent their opinion and not necessarily ours. This applies equally to guest presenters and your fellow participants.

Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution


Gecko Services Pty Ltd trading as Get your sh!t sorted is located in Victoria, Australia. This agreement is subject to the governing law of Victoria, Australia.


If you have any issue or complaint arising out of your use of this website or these terms and conditions, you and Gecko Services Pty Ltd trading as Get your sh!t sorted agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through negotiation and discussion.


If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, we agree that we must proceed to mediation with the assistance of an accredited mediator. The mediator is to be appointed by agreement between us or, failing agreement within twenty-one (21) days of the first notification of the dispute, by a person appointed by the Chair of Resolution Institute, (ACN 008 651 232, Level 2, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000; telephone: 02 9251 3366, email: infoaus@resolution.institute) or the Chair’s designated representative. The Resolution Institute Mediation Rules shall apply to the mediation.


It is a condition precedent to the right of either us to commence litigation other than for interlocutory relief that we have first offered to submit the dispute to mediation. Litigation is to be considered a last resort and may not be commenced until, in the opinion of the independent mediator, the potential for negotiation and mediation have been exhausted. In English, this means while you and I could go to court if we have a problem, that will happen only after we’ve tried everything else.