Digital Challenge day 5 - Calendars and to do apps - Get your shit sorted

I live my life by my Google calendars and Asana. Not one to sit quietly and watch the world go by, I’m interested and involved in lots of different activities and I have a family with 2 teenagers to manage as well.

In the past I was constantly double booking myself because I tend to live in the moment. At work, having my work brain in, I’d say yes to things that clash with my choir or family or art class.

Having a digital calendar that syncs with my to do app of choice, Asana, means my overflowing brain has that much less it needs to keep track of.

If you don’t already have a calendar app you can check out Goggle Calendar here.

And Asana is here: Android  IOS


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I want my shit sorted
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I want to get my shit sorted.
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I want to get my shit sorted.
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