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Well, at the moment it’s actually not us but me. My name is Doone and I’m a 50something-year-old mother of 2 humans and 1 cat with a bookkeeping practice Gecko Services, a messy house and a long-term beloved.

I have also recently been the treasurer of the local Girl Guides District and our local neighbourhood house and am a long-standing political activist. For fun, I am a printmaker and photographer, sing in a country music choir and read a lot. All this with fibromyalgia and other health issues.

So I’ve juggled a lot of balls for a long time and have (mostly) not dropped them.

As I have worked through the lengthy to-do list and got my shit sorted I have been amazed at the difference it makes.  I want to share that feeling and energy with others.

Gecko Services is my company. In my head, Gecko is the bookkeeping and business services side and GYSS* covers personal services. However, Gecko has MailChimp, Paypal, bank accounts etc. So sometimes Gecko Services will be the name that comes up on invoices and bank stuff. Nothing dodgy, GYSS is just one of Gecko Services’s kids.

If you’d love to find out more of what I can do for you, or you’ve got a question about the sorts of things GYSS can help with, just ask. Pop your details and your query in the form below, and I’ll be back to you shortly.

* GYSS – Get Your Shit Sorted

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