- Get your shit sorted

Get your

It's the elephant in the room.

You know you need to do it.

But for some reason you aren’t doing it. Every time you think about doing it you need a lie down, or some chocolate or whatever it is you do when you are procrastinating. 

Often this block comes because there is a great big elephant in the room.  A thought/belief/consequence you have attached to it.

It might be an unconscious link, it may be sitting in the corner of your vision, it may be sitting on your shoulder muttering nasty things all the time.

Where ever it lives, it only grows stronger in the dark, Bring that elephant out from under the rug and lets deal with it. 

It's not an elephant, it's a mouse.

Big things in the dark might be monsters and are scary. Who in their right mind willing goes hunting for big, scary things?

However those great big scary shadows might just be mouse standing close to the light. 

You may find as I have, that the mouse is quite nonthreatening and really a bit charming. Its been hanging around since your childhood and is really no match for your grownup self.  I laughed out loud at one of mine when I recognised it for the nonsensical fear it was. 


It's the monkey chatter in your mind.

Those monster/elephant/mouses breed in the dark and have friends. Their strong allies, the monkeys in the back of your head. just love to throw dust in your eyes if when you get close to their mates.

They chatter and confuse til you just end up spinning your wheels because you don’t know which of the eleventy gazillion things to do first.

During the GYSS process you sort the shit systematically.  Supported and guided we work together to hunt down the elephants, transform them to mice and throw peanuts to the monkeys to keep them quiet. 


Celebrate like a flamingo along the way

I’m not going to pretend this is going to be easy. There is a reason you haven’t managed to get your shit sorted before now. 

Sometimes its going to get a bit emotional, there may even be tears. I suspect there will be a bit of uncomfortable growth. 

So the flamingos represent fun, the need to celebrate along the way. Doesnt have to be big things. It can be a bubblebath, a nice cup for your morning cuppa, going to the movies with a friend. 

Acknowleging the aceivements is an important part of keeping the momentum up to tackle the next thing. 


Hi, I'm Doone

Get your shit sorted has grown out of my 20 plus years as a bookkeeper, mum and friend.  The two parts of the program – the list of things to get sorted and the need for help with doing the sorting – come from a long time of sorting businesses’ financial stuff and therefore learning about the other stuff. 

Work with me

Get your shit sorted has been fermenting in my head for a very long time. I am not immune from interfering monkey chatter!  2 ways to work with me at the moment the free 5 day digital challenge and the 8 week one on one program. 

The 5 digital challenge will be 5 days with a task of under 15 minutes a day. Come join me from February 28. 

I’m launching the one on one program with 3 places from February 4, 2019.

Over 8 weeks we’ll work through the 8 areas with a weekly call and end of week check-ins. Starting with the foundation week getting some basic things sorted, we’ll then work based on your priorities. 

Come work with me for $997 one on one and start to get your shit sorted.